Dual-boot Windows + Linux Mint + Kali on Alienware 17

Notes on dual [triple? ]  booting Windows 8.1 Pro Linux Mint Kali on an Alienware 17 laptop.

Update: [7/8/2016] – very useful reference link from PugetSystems. Click here.

Remember to image/backup your Windows original hard drive !!

A17: Mine came with Windows 8.1 on a 500Gb hard disk, with 8Gb RAM. I ran the dell image to USB external disk and created windows recovery/rescuedvd  disks first!!

I later upgraded my ram to 24gb 2x4g+2x8gb. I transferred the 500gb contents to a 240Gb ssd, and added a 2nd hard drive: 1Tb.

Setup: 2 hard drives, 1st 240Gb ssd [Corsair Force 3], 2nd 1Tb. Windows installed on the first. 2nd partitioned into 4, one 700gb for windows – ntfs, one 180 ext4 for Linux mint , one 100gb ext4 for kali, one 11-20gb – for linux swap, all last 3 logical partitons  for linux.

F2 – to bios, turn off windows faststart, turn off uefi, enable legacy, enable boot legacy option menu. Not necessary, but l switched in bios hard drive mode from raid which l am not using to AHCI

insert Linux CD or usb thumbdrive with live Linux, reboot, F12 , select CD or thumb drive, not the one listed under UEFI

install linuxmint, install grub to /dev/sdb .   You would not be able to install grub on /dev/sda

do the same for Kali after rebooting.

Update [3/8/2015]

Still cant get Kali to successfully boot. Below show all my current settings, when l get the 3rd OS -Kali to boot, l will update this. Issue on Kali booting seems to be nouveau / the intel HD graphics card/optimus.

To get to Linux Mint, l quickly press F12 and select 2nd hard drive from legacy , this gives me the grub boot menu w/o Windows 8.  To boot to Windows 8, after F12 on startup, l select Windows under the UEFI list

Screen captures so far:

Screenshot from 2015-02-26 01:45:44 Screenshot from 2015-02-26 01:46:11

k9001 k9005 k9004 k9003 k9002



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