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git basics history fedora 26

History from my git basics terminal session , while running Fedora 26   1 su – 2 sudo dnf config-manager –add-repo 3 su – 4 git 5 git clone 6 cd 7 echo “Kedu [Hello in Igbo] … Continue reading

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Android Oreo on Nexus 6

After much trials and references to the below webpages: I finally found out sadly that [l suspected this initially since the zip file was for Nexus 6P], that l cant run/push Android 8 aka android oreo to … Continue reading

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Opensource – Get Canon EOS DLSR shutter count – Gphoto2

Looking into below, using an interesting blog post l found online from Christopher – click here. Essentially l am trying to see whether l can get the shutter count of a Pro Canon DLSR camera without using any paid shutter … Continue reading

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Ants in Nature

After a little auto color correction using DaVince, as well as an audio 6db clamping using Adobe Audition, below is a short video using some clips l shoot using the Sony A7 with a Canon 28-135mm lens, as well as … Continue reading

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Photography As an amateur photographer, my current cameras include Canon – sx280hs, 60D, 7dm2 [x] as well as the Sony Alpha A7 Some photo links include in no particular order: Links: Click here for more of my photographs on 500pix … Continue reading

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Useful Web Links: Igbo: Igbo – Wikipedia Igbo people Radio Palmwine Basic Igbo language phrases   Others World Community Grid Twitter Instagram Google Kiva Autodesk Maya Autodesk 3dsmax Realflow by Nextlimit Blender Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects … Continue reading

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Force Linux Clock reset with NTP – Raspberry Pi

My laptop and most of my workstations, dual boot say to W10, Ubuntu/Linuxmint/Kali etc. I find the time changes back and forth between when logged into a unix OS and Windows OS.  Below helps me from Linux reset the time … Continue reading

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Source: click here Making progress:

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cinebenchmark – Lenovo Thinkpad – P70 SSD Nvidia Quadro M600M

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Generate PI

Program source — > click here C:\qpi45>qpi64 10m pi_10m.txt QPI-QuickPi v4.5 for x64, (c) 2000-2008 S. Pagliarulo Freely distributable, email: o Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4710MQ CPU @ 2.50GHz detected o Processor speed measured at 2.50 GHz o Single processor with … Continue reading

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