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Physbam installation

“PhysBAM is a multiphysics simulation library, capable of simulating rigid & deformable bodies, compressible & incompressible fluids, coupled solids & fluids, coupled rigid & deformable solids, articulated rigid bodies & humans, fracture, fire, smoke, hair, cloth, muscles, as well as … Continue reading

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Turn-off auto suggestion box on Bing Search

Heres the settings l used to turn off this annoying feature in IE 11. Hopefully by default a nice browser would simply say go to when you type it on the text input box for websites than go to … Continue reading

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CPU-Z Results Alienware 17

CPU-Z Results Alienware 17 – Click here for the validated results on my hardware. SSD and Internal hard drive tests below. Click here for download location

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Alienware 17 Benchmark – Unigine Heaven 4 & Unigine Valley 1

Alienware 17 Benchmark results  – using Unigine Haven 4 and Unigine Valley 1 Valley Score 939 Heaven Score 454

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Symmetry Fun Time Lapse Video Canon 60D

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Fedora 20 Cuda Setup Notes

Assuming your discrete video card supports nvidia cuda, which is used for GPU-graphical processing unit programming, below are the additonal steps l had to do, to get all in place. My laptop uses the GTX 630M video card. 1) Update … Continue reading

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Windows Azure

Second time l’m deleting test virtual machines on this platform, the pricing is confusing. Just one week testing Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 virtual machine and Microsoft Azure billing says l’ve used up to close to $130 in msdn credits?

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Discovery for today, Autodesk 123D, which allows you to do some simple cloud based 3D projects. See below. Below is a good intro video on creating professional movement using simple equipment for your DSLR. Also click this link for the … Continue reading

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Updated my nvidia driver from 320.49 to 322.21, on my Lenovo Ideapad Y500 running Windows 7, using the Nvidia GT650m discrete graphics card. Note, from my research on the web, after rebooting and confirming your driver is working, it is … Continue reading

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Photomerge Using Adobe Photoshop CS6

Attempted to merge some Canon RAW pictures taking in incremental movements by hand from inside Portland Broadway theater. Result was impressive, considering l didnt use automated robotic motion mover. File size generated was huge though, 1Gb file of 54 inches … Continue reading

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