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Android Oreo on Nexus 6

After much trials and references to the below webpages: I finally found out sadly that [l suspected this initially since the zip file was for Nexus 6P], that l cant run/push Android 8 aka android oreo to … Continue reading

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Notes: Installing MOVES2014a on Linux

Reference: Installing MOVES2014a on Linux Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04 click on any image below for large version. Text – movesconfiguration file: defaultServerName = localhost defaultDatabaseName = movesdb20151028 executionServerName = localhost executionDatabaseName = MOVESExecution outputServerName = outputDatabaseName = MOVESOutput nonroadExePath … Continue reading

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Ubuntu: Python, import tkinter fails

Tkinter is used to make GUI buttons, windows in Python. To get this working on ubuntu, or linuxmint, do this: sudo apt-get install tk-dev python import Tkinter

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Installing CUDA Toolkit 6.5 on Ubuntu 14.10 Linux

Click here for an excellent simple guide to installing Cuda Toolkit version 6.5 [as of now] on Ubuntu 14, LinuxMint 17 distros etc. Screenshots from my install:

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Cuda Installation on LinuxMint 17

Below is a screenshot of options choosen while installing Cuda on Linux Mint 17 distro. I also needed to go to administration, driver manager and select the 340 driver.    

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CPU_GPU Benchmarks 03-2014

Comparing 3 machines l use/own: Benchmarks from Boinc manager. In Pictures In detail Linux Workstation – running Linux Mint 16 ========================================= Intel Q8200 @2.33Ghz 4 core 8gb ram 1567 floating points MIPS whetstone per CPU 12633 integer MIPS Dhrystone per … Continue reading

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Nvidia Cuda Install on Ubuntu, Linux Mint 16

Installing CUDA from Nvidia on ubuntu, linux mint 16 etc, mainly for gpu programming, boinc, blender etc, click here for this great article. My OS version: steve@c3p0 ~/Downloads $ uname -a Linux c3p0 3.11.0-12-generic #19-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 9 16:20:46 … Continue reading

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Fedora 20 Cuda Setup Notes

Assuming your discrete video card supports nvidia cuda, which is used for GPU-graphical processing unit programming, below are the additonal steps l had to do, to get all in place. My laptop uses the GTX 630M video card. 1) Update … Continue reading

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Update Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail)

Ubuntu open source operating system does not come with restricted/non open source software. To install these, type below in a terminal window. 1st installs the previous but useful package manager. The 3rd installs nvidia current driver [if your pc/laptop has … Continue reading

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Linux USB creation

To create a linux usb drive, try Linux Live usb creator – click here for source website – as shown below imaging Fedora onto a 8Gb thumb drive. “LinuxLive USB Creator is a completely free and open-source software for Windows … Continue reading

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