Month: May 2008

Website Platform Migration

Please note visitors, that this website will soon undergo a migration to web hosting featuring, sql server, silverlight and associated Microsoft .Net/ASP.Net technologies. This will allow me intergrate┬ásome cool emerging new features seen in most current websites including,,, and many more. These all will now be featured on a duplicate …

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Windows 2008 Server On Dell SC430

My Dell server came with 1Gb (512Mbx2) 80Gb. Over time, l’ve upgraded it to 1.6Tb (160Gb+500Gb+500Gb) storage capacity and yesterday l added 2x 1Gb ECC 533Mhxz DDRs bought online from Crucial Memory to bring up the memory to 3Gb. Then l decided to try out installing the new Windows 2008 server – 64bit version. Here …

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Watch this development – Open source Windows XP – React Operating System Interesting Video from University of Washington on Google Linux cluster Recommended (software l’ve tried and found very useful compared to various similar options, all those listed below work on Windows vista also): MP3Tag – the universal tag editor GIMP – GNU image manipulation …

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