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24 - Jack Bauer
24 - Jack Bauer

Interesting Indian movie to see – Slumdog millionaire
This is a classic movie about rags-to-riches, life choices, morals, character, friendship,doing what you have to do to survive and of course, what indian movie doesnt have the love angle?




TV Series l’m waiting for 24 – Jack Bauer rocks!!! 
I can not believe that TONY ALMEDIA is coming back!!! Wish Michele didnt die though, she was a great agent and partner to him

Another TV Show l am hooked on is: PRISON BREAK!!! and of course, theres “D-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e  H-o-u-s-e-w-i-v-e-s”.
You can tell FOX TV does present my kind of shows. The challenges Michael Scofield goes through as well as his gang, is unbelievable and nerve wrecking on each episode.

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