SQL 2008 Reinstall nightmare..

Trying to un-install a Microsoft Heros event 2008 release of SQL Server 2008 on my Windows 2008 server box but each time l uninstall it and all related components, on trying a fresh install for a default instance l keep seeing the previous default MSSERVER instance.
Heres the link to Mark Michaelis Weblog which has hacks on forcefully removing Sql Server 2008 using command line as well as registry hacks. http://mark.michaelis.net/Blog/SQLServer2008InstallNightmare.aspx

Finally, after running all the steps in his blog, l ran the Installed SQL server discovery report from SQL Server 2008 installation center (under the Tools section) and l found l have succesfully removed the instance.
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Setup Discovery Report

Product Instance Instance ID Feature Language Edition Version Clustered
None None None None None None None None

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