Microsoft HoloLens VR Test Notes

Below are screenshots as l try/test a small “hello world” project first created using Unity, then compiled for using Microsoft HoloLens using Microsoft Visual Studio.

I used:

Above is the current spot l am stuck on, working on getting that resolved.



Ants in Nature

After a little auto color correction using DaVince, as well as an audio 6db clamping using Adobe Audition, below is a short video using some clips l shoot using the Sony A7 with a Canon 28-135mm lens, as well as my LG G5 cellphone.

These clips were shoot in Park Forest, Eatonville, WA. I cant get enough of how super busy ants are when you view them up close.





Ants in Nature from Ifeanyichukwu Mbah on Vimeo.