Trying out Blender      Flip Fluids      – currently baking below lighthouse.blend sample file, 2-3 days so far, about 10 hours go go and 89Gb cache space used up!

Final space cost and rendered frame one, as of 5/29 6am [frame 0 rendered in 2.5 mins]



After 60 frames l got….


Updates 5/30

Some Log entries:

28-May-2018 23h12m33s COMPLETE Update Marker Particle Velocities
28-May-2018 23h12m33s BEGIN Delete Saved Velocity Field
28-May-2018 23h12m33s COMPLETE Delete Saved Velocity Field
28-May-2018 23h12m33s BEGIN Advect Marker Particles
28-May-2018 23h12m55s COMPLETE Advect Marker Particles
28-May-2018 23h12m55s BEGIN Update Fluid Objects
28-May-2018 23h12m55s COMPLETE Update Fluid Objects

*** Time Step Stats ***

Fluid Particles: 48044598
Fluid Cells: 7162540

Diffuse Particles: 11995192
Foam: 1968108
Bubble: 9991435
Spray: 35649

Pressure Solver Iterations: 185
Estimated Error: 3.84183e-007

Step Update Time: 161.546

*** Frame Timing Stats ***

Update Obstacle Objects 0.000s 0.0% |
Update Liquid Level Set 38.922s 5.4% ||||
Advect Velocity Field 84.487s 11.6% |||||||
Save Velocity Field 2.262s 0.3% |
Calculate Surface Curvature 99.262s 13.6% |||||||||
Apply Body Forces 0.573s 0.1% |
Apply Viscosity 0.000s 0.0% |
Solve Pressure System 200.169s 27.5% |||||||||||||||||
Constrain Velocity Fields 4.435s 0.6% |
Simulate Diffuse Material 73.749s 10.1% |||||||
Update Marker Particle Velocities 38.413s 5.3% ||||
Delete Saved Velocity Field 0.088s 0.0% |
Advance Marker Particles 63.663s 8.8% ||||||
Update Fluid Objects 0.000s 0.0% |
Output Simulation Data 1.887s 0.3% |
Generate Surface Mesh 119.589s 16.4% ||||||||||

Frame Time: 727.5
Total Time: 161269



So far l have only been able to render up to 149 frames, then l get a cuda out of memory crash. I use both a GTX970 with 4Gb and a GTX1080 with 8Gb, l’ve tried with both and with each cards. Will keep you updated, meanwhile heres a render of the 149 frames








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