3D Graphics software l use include:

Best Recent Animation Videos I like

My 3d crowd simulation webpage is here

My 3d portfolio link is here.

Click here to view my 3D animation of the Nigerian Flag with the National Anthem on Youtube

Click here to view my USA Flag animation on youtube

Useful 3D Graphics & Animation links include:

  1. 3D courses online
  2. Blender Official Tutorials
  3. Blender Video Tutorials
  4. CG Tutorials – Blender
  5. Blender – Water Tutorial
  6. Blender Tutorial PDF Book – From Central Dauphin HS
  7. 3D Tutorial website
  8. Brazil shaders – 3dmax
  9. Hot Car Wheels
  10. Infinitee
  11. 3DTotal
  12. Audi TT Tutorial
  13. Society of Digital Artists
  14. Infinee Designs
  15. The Area
  16. DezFX.com – has excellent List of Tutorials/ 3d information websites
  17. Static Mesh Terrain creation
  18. Suurland – Blueprints
  19. 3dm3
  20. Face Poser: Interactive Modeling of 3D Facial Expressions Using Model Priors
  21. Tutorial Outpost
  22. digital tutors
  23. Monthly Studio – The magazine
  24. 3DSpine
  25. The Gnomon Workshop
  26. 3DWorld Magazine
  27. BBC Article on 3D Rendering for Lord of the Rings