Portland Opera

Some video clips created using the awesome Canon EOS RP with the EF 28-135mm USM lens handheld.




All Hail the King…

Basketball is a sport l believe that shows amazing sportsmanship which will go down in history, at the last seconds of the game. In case you missed it, check nba.com for the amazing game winning shot of ‘King’ James LeBron (Cleveland Cavaliers).


This week 04252009….

Got a good deal on an executive chair with good back support (really need it) from Office Depot – seems tons of items are marked for clearance. They may be closing soon some say…

Cant wait to see the movie X-Men: Origins Wolverine which comes out on 5/1/2009 [USA] He is my favorite character of them all.


Update on Wolverine 5/14/2009:

Amazed to find out the african city where the x-men travel to is LAGOS, NIGERIA !! Also guess what, my tribe [ibo] seem to be [according to the movie] the source of adamantium – the core metal used to make Wolverine invincible – hmm, wonder why l’m not. Sad – my tribesmen and women get wiped out in the movie, such is how most tales mentioning africa go. For more upbeat fealing, listen to Akons Africa song.
Installed Ubuntu 9.04, this install went flawlessly on my HP laptop as well as the updates, wireless card support and nvidia video card support.  To get ubuntu to run/play DVD’s, mp3, quicktime, windows media files etc – run:
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extra

Finally gave up on working on my stop and go, 2 year old lawn mower – had a choice between a basic new push mower for 149 and and electric (no gas, no fumes etc) mower for 50 more, went for the second. Seems the old one may have some rusts parts in it, and l’ve done the drain fuel/dis-assemble/assemble routine one too many times as well as some creative engineering for the pull rope to work. Now if only l could afford a robot lawn mower and gardner….

NBA: Saw Yao Ming of the Houston rockets at the Starbucks – Pioneer square early last week. He’s 7’6″ and had to bend down to get out of the door. We werent allowed to take pictures, besides seems no one was crazy to see him given that Houston beat the Portland TrailBlazers on the 1st playoff games. Sucks – SAS lost today to Dallas. Hope the Blazers win the next game against Houston. Here are some pictures l took at the Rip City Party on the Portland Blazers getting into the playoffs. Didnt get pictures of the players while at a meeting for work.

Posted pictures l captured as l used 3Ds max 2009 with V-ray at this link.

Benchmarking my system using Maxon Cinebench R10

My results: OpenGL test – 2868, single CPU 2692, Multiple CPU render test: 9374.

Camera World

Using Adobe Bridge CS4….

Heres how to add meta tags automatically to your pictures using Adobe Bridge CS4, which helps protect your photo with information relating to you the owner, no matter where the photos end up.



To see… [TV Shows, Movies etc.]

24 - Jack Bauer
24 - Jack Bauer

Interesting Indian movie to see – Slumdog millionaire http://www.foxsearchlight.com/slumdogmillionaire/
This is a classic movie about rags-to-riches, life choices, morals, character, friendship,doing what you have to do to survive and of course, what indian movie doesnt have the love angle?




TV Series l’m waiting for 24 – Jack Bauer rocks!!! http://www.fox.com/24/ 
I can not believe that TONY ALMEDIA is coming back!!! Wish Michele didnt die though, she was a great agent and partner to him

Another TV Show l am hooked on is: PRISON BREAK!!! and of course, theres “D-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e  H-o-u-s-e-w-i-v-e-s”.
You can tell FOX TV does present my kind of shows. The challenges Michael Scofield goes through as well as his gang, is unbelievable and nerve wrecking on each episode.