PDX 3D City

Below are interim pictures and notes as l work on using open source tools [ Open street maps, blender etc] and non open source software [ESRI Cityengine, Autodesk Maya] to attempt making a 3D model of downtown Portland Oregon.

I first got interested in something like this while exploring Kludge City  Procedural Model MEL Script, written for Autodesk Maya by Ed Whetstone. Click here for his website.  To use his MEL scripts, simply copy the downloaded scripts from his website to your Maya scripts folder, in my case to:


My goal is to create a 3D animated video clip flythrough video, using either Blender or Maya, using a basic looking 3d model of an easily recognizablle of downtown Portland, Oregon – not very 3D detailed, just basic building models with extruded heights to start like you see on Google Earth / Microsoft Bing Maps.

This post will be updated as more progress is made.


KludgeCity from Autodesk Maya 3d Software

ed002 ed001






This powerful program uses a lot of memory and CPU, so be prepared if you use it – below shows it chewing up 6Gb out of my laptops 24Gb. Sometimes l have had to manually using windows task manager kill the cityengine process as well as Maya when the program seems frozen.

With Cityengine, wait a bit for the computations to complete. If the windows cursor is a simple spinning circle after a long while, then its most likely the program is stuck and needs to be restarted.









7-22-2015 Updates

Below is the settings for using Pixars renderman as installed on my laptop with CityEngine


CaptureCE2 CaptureCE1

below is with some heights applied, something is still wrong with the CE rule script.




pdx006 pdx005 pdx004 pdx003 pdx002 pdx001



Finally got the free Pixar Renderman 19 non-commercial version [click here for the software] installed and working on Maya 2015 as shown below. It took a while for those of us who subscribed to the waiting list to get this software, its about 1Gb for the windows version, and installation requires a login registered with Pixar. The nin windows version is in rpm format [Fedora] which l am yet to try out.

Below animated movie Lava was rendered by Pixar using Renderman

Test renders will come later as l try this out.

Program file sizes



Renderman showing up on menu, plugin and Render window, from Maya 2015


Some screenshots below from this new development, PRMan for Blender:

Capture_renderman001_002 Capture_renderman001