Prison Break!

The new season 2 hour first episode on Fox12 which was aired Monday September 1st did not disappoint me. I’m so glad Dr. Sara Tancredi¬†is back (oops did l spoil it for anyone who hasnt yet seen the episode). Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell keeps up with the gross stuff and mean vendata streak. Cant wait for Season 3 on BlueRay – l bet re-watching the entire season in High-Definition will be awesome!

So how many break-outs do you think Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller)¬† has to do to achieve his normal life? I doubt even if he succeeds in taking down the ‘Company’. See the official website at:


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Interesting Google Videos on Cluster Computing, click here.

The 2nd lecture video on Google Cluster Computing and MapReduce – link here.

Most Interesting Recent Books I’ve Read: (Click on links for more details)

  • Spyware – By R. J. Pineiro – Think implants in almost everyone, controlled by some super computer…
  • The Footprints of God – Greg Iles – Hard to drop this book about an AI nano-based supercomputer taking control of all computers, internet and governments, including the United States 12/12/07
  • Below are VERY >>Strong / Intense <<
  • Read also 24 Hours – now reading True Evil by G. Iles 2-28-08
  • Read Also Sleep No More
  • Turning Angel – Greg Iles
  • The Innocent Man – Based on a true story from Ada, Oklahoma – John Grisham – Couldnt finish this book because l was so upset on the injustice described in this book.

Interesting News/Links:

How to remove the annoying Grove Folder Synchronization found in the new Microsoft Office

Googles Android Open Cellphone development SDK released. Click here for more details.

Microprocessors – Intel Corp.’s new 45 nanometer chip – Click to view their factory.

Google Inc. releases programming tools for its Android mobile-phone alliance for download. Plugins for Eclipse development, GSM support and an interesting adroid emulator (click here) is also available.