Welcome to Mbah.Net. Above picture is a portion of a picture l took around Pioneer square during Christmas 2008, showing part of the WAMU office building as well as Hilton hotel’s roof top.


London 2008

Travelled on 10/6 to London with my family on a short vacation. Here are some pictures, more to follow.

Saw and visited Maplin electronics, a store from which l used to mail-order electronic components and wait for ages for the shipment to west africa to arrive when l got hooked on micro-electronics, z80 microprocessors etc.

On Thursday we visited the Greenwich Observatory. We took london bus #188 to Greenwich and walked the rest of the way through the vast green park to the observatory.



Ubuntu 8.04 rocks!

I own a HP Pavilion dv6626us (also known as the dv6625us entertainment laptop) AMD based laptop which previously had Fedora 8 running on a dedicated linux partition. Problem as with linux is always support for some hardware, in this case the laptop uses a broadcom 43xx based wifi network wireless card. Configuration takes a while using bcm43xx linux driver which can be obtained from here.  I decided over the weekend to retry ubuntu using the live cd which l use on and off. I installed ubuntu from the live cd, and after rebooting and running a lengthy neccessary update, a pop up appeared suggesting l install 2 crucial non-licensed drivers for the broadcom nic and the Nvidia geoforce go 7150m graphics card. Once l did this, l had full wireless connectivity without the need for a reboot!


BMW Gina

Most of my friends know l love bmws and other fast cars. Heres a video of the new BMW Gina concept car.


Fedora 8, Fedora 9, HP6626us laptop wireless setup


Hers the steps l took to get the broadcom bcm43xx wireless network card working under Fedora 9 (sulphur) on my HP dv6626us AMD Turion64 based laptop.


[root@localhost ~]# yum install bcm43xx-fwcutter
Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
Setting up Install Process
Parsing package install arguments
Package bcm43xx-fwcutter-006-4.fc9.x86_64 already installed and latest version
Nothing to do


Download firmware



[root@localhost steve]# cd broadcom-wl-
[root@localhost broadcom-wl-]# ls
kmod  nas  WHERE_FROM  wl


[root@localhost broadcom-wl-]# cd kmod
[root@localhost kmod]# ls
wl_apsta_mimo.o  wl_apsta.o
[root@localhost kmod]# bcm43xx-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware wl_apsta.o
*** WARNING ***
This file contains new version4
firmware. v4 firmware is _not_ supported by
the driver in mainline kernels. For v4 firmware
you need latest bcm43xx development version
(wireless-dev kernel tree). If you don’t know what
this warning is about, use a 3.xx.xx.xx driver version
instead to extract the firmware.

filename   :  wl_apsta.o
version    :
MD5        :  9207bc565c2fc9fa1591f6c7911d3fc0
microcodes :  4 5 11 13
pcms       :  4 5

… and so on………………
extracting bcm43xx_initval25.fw …
[root@localhost kmod]#

Now , reboot your laptop