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How to configure ethminer

1. Download the program from:   https://ethermine.org/  Click here 2. Test from command line: cls ethminer -G –list-devices pause ethminer -U –list-devices pause Sample output: To run: ethminer.exe -R -U -P stratum+tcp://<your ETC address>:<youremail>@us2.ethermine.org:4444   Example output on running above on A17R5 GTX1060 6gb

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Blender Open Data

I’ve used several benchmark software to compare computer hardware especially nvidia GPU cards used for cuda programming.  One good free benchmark software is Maxon CineBench    , another is Unigine Haven   Here are surprising results generated from the new Blender Benchmark under its Blender Open data website program. Quick summary/my findings: less render time running …

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ZCash mining – using GTX1080 GTX970 Stats

Screenshots: GTX1080 at about 80 degrees C – and doing 474 Sol/s GTX970 at aboyt 56 degrees C – and doing 275 Sol/s OS – Linuxmint  

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Top500 2017

“The Top500 list the 500 fastest computer system being used today. In 1993 the collection was started and has been updated every 6 months since then. The report lists the sites that have the 500 most powerful computer systems installed. The best Linpack benchmark performance achieved is used as a performance measure in ranking the …

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Nvidia cuda….

Wanted to take advantage of the CUDA from NVIDIA (a leading GPU manufacturer) – a system that uses GPUs for scientific computing. You also need a minimum of 256Mb Video card RAM to take advantage of CUDA. This will also increase my BOINC/SETI processing speed. My current nvidia driver for my PNY Quadro FX370 was …

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