Compiling FLIP Fluids for Blender 2.81 (Windows x64)

Screenshots and notes as l compiled this add-on, for Blender 2.81

Compiling FLIP Fluids for Blender (Windows x64)


Master flip fluids file downloaded from Github – click here    samples click here

Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition 15.9.17 – click here

CMake-gui  3.16.0-rc04 – click here

Windows 10 x64

Nvidia Cuda 10.1 + OpenCL 1.2 installed














































After a lot of issues with the process above, l discovered below and successfully got the addon compiled


5 days, and still baking a example scene at 400 resolution!!!

Cascading Water Feature scene





Lighthouse – Flip Fluid Bender Simulation – Using Cuda w/Issues Found

Using Blender and FlipFluids Addon

This is still baking, so far 60Gb bake files and climbing at 334 out of 501 frames. Domain resolution used – 500 – ie High Quality.

Bake files grew from 55Mb [frame 1] to currently 277Mb [frame 333] !

Will update on the progress and final render.

and finally… after almost 2 days baking non stop…..

Below shows me trying to render one single frame and yet getting out of CUDA memory error.

I’m using a GTX1080 with 8Gb VRAM, on a i7 Quad core PC with 32Gb RAM

Switching to a CPU render and the results are below.

Time taken 1 hour for frame 348

Until l can find a quicker way to render each frame, by cuda which is usually faster especially since l have access to about 3000+ cuda cores collectively on my core workstation, l will give this project a rest for now.

update 9/28/2018

I tried command line blender rendering of frames 16, 348 with my 8gb gtx1080 / l  get the cuda error as the gpu ram used reached about 7gb out of the 8gb,

Currently rendering the first 200 frames as shown below.