High Performance Computing

Top500 2017

“The Top500 list the 500 fastest computer system being used today. In 1993 the collection was started and has been updated every 6 months since then. The report lists the sites that have the 500 most powerful computer systems installed. The best Linpack benchmark performance achieved is used as a performance measure in ranking the computers. The TOP500 list has been updated twice a year since June 1993.”

“Mflop/s is a rate of execution, millions of floating point operations per second. Whenever this term is used it will refer to 64 bit floating point operations and the operations will be either addition or multiplication.

Gflop/s refers to billions of floating point operations per second and Tflop/s refers to trillions of floating point operations per second.”

Source:  Top 500 website

Below is the result of my laptop running Linpack.java  : 228MFlops !!!  🙂

Below is the current 2017 top500 results


London 2008

Travelled on 10/6 to London with my family on a short vacation. Here are some pictures, more to follow.

Saw and visited Maplin electronics, a store from which l used to mail-order electronic components and wait for ages for the shipment to west africa to arrive when l got hooked on micro-electronics, z80 microprocessors etc.

On Thursday we visited the Greenwich Observatory. We took london bus #188 to Greenwich and walked the rest of the way through the vast green park to the observatory.