Below is a documentation aas l try my hand with Facial Mocap using the below software and resource references:

  • Blender
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk Matchmover
  • Autodesk Premiere Pro – used to convert video files to still image sequences
  • Article on Blender Guru website
  • Camera – Canon 60D SLR
  • etc

Screenshots and software settings, Blender etc.

Steps l took roughly:

  • bought a cheap set of orange circle dots, found these too big, l then cut them into quarters and stuck on my face
  • shot a short sequence of me moving my facial muscles using my SLR camera
  • tried importing clip and tracking with blender, not much good yet
  • used adobe media encoder to convert canon mov video to mp4
  • used adobe premier to convert video above to image sequences
  • imported image sequence into autodesk match mover
  • trying that tracking


4-20-2013 9-32-06 AM

4-20-2013 9-34-37 AM

4-20-2013 11-20-45 AM

4-20-2013 11-30-20 AM

4-20-2013 1-10-56 PM

4-20-2013 1-11-33 PM

4-20-2013 1-11-54 PM

4-20-2013 1-14-12 PM

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